Legs are an underrated quality

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2022.01.19 20:44 FurherJordy229 Legs are an underrated quality

Like if a girl has good legs, is that not the best thing in the world? am I alone?
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2022.01.19 20:44 El-wez planning 2 mount a pull-up bar (3 anchor bolts each side) on an uneven wall. plan is a chemical resin to anchor the bolts. bottom & middle bolts i believe will be ok. the gap from wall to the strut with the top bolt worries me. any suggestions on what i should 2 do support this area?

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2022.01.19 20:44 StewieGriffin26 Felix says work time is over

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2022.01.19 20:44 ScubaFur00 First time crossdressing. How do I look?

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2022.01.19 20:44 Sabretooth24 Any beginners or people who are new to Phasmophobia want to play with me?

I absolutely love the game but I've played with a few friends who are very high level in it and while it is fun, they tend to goof around too much trying to scare each other instead of focusing on the hunt or working together as a team so it's not very fun if you're brand new to the game and trying to not break the spooky immersion. I'm very new to it at level 3 so if there are any newbies around or anyone who wants to join me drop me a PM :)
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2022.01.19 20:44 uhbgeadf looking to plan a meet up sometime soon im 21 and a verse bottom message me or ask for my snap

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2022.01.19 20:44 McKabeULTRA Looking for a dupe for a dupe!

I'm having a hard time finding Rimmel Stay Matte Mouse foundation. 81 Fair Ivory is about my tone. I've been nervous about heading to a beauty store for a skin match.
What would TrollMUA recommend?
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2022.01.19 20:44 willmossey Looking for some feedback and CC

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2022.01.19 20:44 freezerbatz WHY does eli like clare so much.

like, he is obsessed with her WHY she is so annoying. sry
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2022.01.19 20:44 EnthusiastRic Help improving benchy, frankenender see captions

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2022.01.19 20:44 Floppuh Untrained baritone with range of A2-D4 struggling in choirs, is there any realistic way to atleast work towards a comfortable G2?

So, I'm a musicology student (in Greece) and over the last year I've really discovered my love for choir, and it's certainly my favorite musical activity second to composition. That being said, I've never had any vocal training, and have always been very "difficult" to work with in terms of range, since I can't convincingly reach tenor notes (even if I could, I definetely wouldn't have the desired tessitura) and I can't reach essential bass notes very satisfyingly at all. My fullest, most comfortable note is Bb2, and my speaking voice is always either A2-Bb2.
I've been singing bass for about a year and done very well in any pieces which were either originally written for baritones or had two bass parts, however in the general scheme of things (along with other mandatory vocal activities like in solfege exercises) I feel very handicapped.
Of course, I know the obvious answer is "get vocal training", and I absolutely 100% plan on doing so, but I won't have the time for that for atleast a few months. I know upper range is very easy to obtain with a decent work ethic towards vocal training, and I'm certain I'll be fine in the long run, however I also know that one's lower range is really difficult to expand, excluding techniques like vocal fry or subharmonics which aren't really suited to choral music 99% of the time.
I have to painfully extend my larynx to sound a G or F whenever it's required and all that tension leads to me eventually not even being able to say an A2. Obviously this is horrible and sounds awful, but I really don't know what else to do. I love the bass voice in choir and would really love to atleast be able to get by without pain.
Would it be possible to do some kind of exercise to slowly open up my lower range to get that oh so needed G2, or should I just accept my low range and wait to get vocal training and flourish into some kind of high baritone (supposedly)? Again, I am planning on getting vocal training regardless of this, but this current state is just depressing.
tl;dr I just want to be able to have a normal G2. I am planning on starting vocal training regardless, but I was just wondering if there's a healthy way to expand low range DIY
Thank you for any input
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2022.01.19 20:44 zachxmcd Genecect raid now 0845 1142 2336

Add 0845 1142 2336
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2022.01.19 20:44 sevy524 Successful SnapBack!

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2022.01.19 20:44 danibeann First time doing a scenery painting with acrylics!

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2022.01.19 20:44 Zoloft_XR Did anyone else feel Molly’s look was high fashion?

Watching cycle 16 and to me she seemed rather basic.
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2022.01.19 20:44 MrSimp1663 Mesh thong 🍑🍑

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2022.01.19 20:44 hyacinthx5x grE

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2022.01.19 20:44 ProtogenCipher To this day, I am still so butthurt about this 😞

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2022.01.19 20:44 DenialAndEroor W6rst Tabs

Hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong place to post but is anyone having any luck buying tabs from W6rst It isn’t letting me actually open up any of the tabs to buy them, tried on a few different browsers
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2022.01.19 20:44 shunjidamzy2005 FREE NFTs #FreeNFTs rotating_light don't miss out on this*limited offer rotating_light Start your own journey now 1. Join Discord man_raising_hand 2. go to #verification and verify white_check_mark 3. go to #read-me-first for all info! https://t.co/Q6MJtAYyzv @AiAvatars

FREE NFTs #FreeNFTs rotating_light don't miss out on this*limited offer rotating_light Start your own journey now 1. Join Discord man_raising_hand 2. go to #verification and verify white_check_mark 3. go to #read-me-first for all info! https://t.co/Q6MJtAYyzv @AiAvatars submitted by shunjidamzy2005 to FreeNFTs [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 20:44 legalarms Florida CCW

I’m a dual resident of both NJ & FL , my primary residence is FL being that my drivers license is still issued there and I go back extremely frequently, I also have a NJ FID I see some places offer the Florida ccw here and being that I do not have a certificate yet , would I be able to take the course here real quick and apply for my Florida ccw through one of these places and Would they issue me a regular resident ccw or a non resident / I assume resident since I have everything to show for it , I’m just really here for some other opinions
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2022.01.19 20:44 Exact-Individual6359 [US-CA] [H] E-White mode-65 + accessories [W] PayPal

E white mode 65 built with a Pom plate. Never used, hotswap, plate caps, silicone base, plate foam, brass back piece, carbon fiber, and Pom plate. CONUS $515 shipped
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2022.01.19 20:44 omar99HH [DC] What would happen to The Flash if he got cancer??

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2022.01.19 20:44 JackfruitLeading7171 Yikes.

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2022.01.19 20:44 Bridgey555666 Saying I need to buy story mode: I’ve been playing it for weeks!

Suddenly the game is saying I need to purchase story mode even tho I’ve been playing it for weeks perfectly fine. I bought the deluxe edition as well. Can anyone help? I really can’t afford to pay what I’ve already paid for.
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