Mildest of sore throats.

2022.01.19 18:59 Stui3G Mildest of sore throats.

Has anyone who caught Omicron had their only symptom be a very mild sore throat. So mild it makes it a unique syptom for me.
I the only reason I care is because I wouldn't want to give it to others.
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2022.01.19 18:59 siriousje Formation resets to 4-4-2 when set to attacking

So, my team is setup as a 4-3-3 attacking. This is also the formation it starts all battles with in FUT Squad Battles.
But if I press the button to go more attacking (next to balanced, but not ultra attacking), the formation, in about 50% of the cases, resets to 4-4-2, which then obviously moves a winger to a completely wrong place and I notice this in reduced performance in the team (some players are simply not where I expect them to be)
I haven't found yet why it only happens in about half the cases. I've checked my game plans and made sure that for attacking it should stay in 4-3-3 but this still happens. Anyone else noticed this?
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2022.01.19 18:59 younewt Found airpod case on 18 bus at 2pm, gave to driver

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2022.01.19 18:59 muzzy_kadan This feels illegal

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2022.01.19 18:59 AdOverall3714 Tinha que ser flamenguista pqp

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2022.01.19 18:59 TheMadWolf-00 I never lie

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2022.01.19 18:59 100pushups_100situps [POSITIVE] for /u/JC3FL [seller]

Item arrived quickly and well secured
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2022.01.19 18:59 antoniomanuel10 SkDare selling low, bots buying quick

So i'm pretty new to this, but today i tried to snipe a few moments. I Started using livetoken and wtv, and i noticied that 90% of the times, moments that cost 10 dollars, and the dude SKDare is selling for 2. I try to buy, and it says that it cant be purchased yet(???).. i insist, and spam the button, until of course, it appears that someone beat me to buying it.
Like, i'm new, but realisticaly, is there even any chance to actual do it? I Saw the tos and thought there actually wouldn't be bots, but this is impossible
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2022.01.19 18:59 cauliflower729 Is Constant Blurry Vision Normal With Steroid Eye Drops?

Two weeks ago my optometrist prescribed me steroid eye drops because the underside of my upper eyelid was inflamed and he noticed there were papules underneath. He didn't specify whether or not it was GPC. I'm required to take the drops four times a day. For the past week, my vision would randomly get really blurry and be sensitive to light but then it'd revert back to normal but get blurry again later on. Today I called my optometrist and he told me that it's only supposed to be blurry for a couple minutes after putting the eye drops in so I told him I get blurred vision right when I wake up even before I put in the drops, but he basically ignored what I said and told me to continue using the drops in conjunction with preservative free eye drops, which I've already been using. I'm just wondering if this is standard or if I should seek advice from another optometrist.
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2022.01.19 18:59 FreddieOnReddit game tier list

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2022.01.19 18:59 Myota_thereal Tipp Thursdays week2

Bronze Myota here, today I want to give you a small but an important Tipp. Since Morgana got buffed (2x dmg to monsters) I wanted to do her Tipp. So you can take raptors and red at the same time. Let little chickens reset (before trying this in ranked try to practice it in bot matches and practice tool) . Then take your gromp and blue at the same time (just stand in middle lol) and boom you are level 4 at around 1.40 or 1.30. You will be a Lil bit late for the Scuttle. See you tomorrow.
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2022.01.19 18:59 Particular_Day_6888 Faith in humanity restored

Picked up 96 years old gentleman carrying a large bag at 4.30am in the morning from what I assumed is his house. Along the ride, we had a nice conversation, where he mentioned the reason he is riding in an Uber is because his family doesn’t allow him to drive anymore because of his age. I dropped him off about 10 miles away from the pick up spot, at an empty covered parking lot. He then said, “Look to the right over there.” I must’ve seen about 5-6 stray cats just wandering around. It turns out, in the large bag, was cat food. He apparently comes every morning to feed those stray cats . I wanted to take a video, but I thought it’d be rude to intrude on his past time. Oh, he also tipped me $5 in cash on a $7 trip (After Uber fees).
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2022.01.19 18:59 Bricklayer2021 Can you please permaban me?

I just want to leave and be happy
But can you make it not effective until three hours from now?
I’ll touch grass 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱
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2022.01.19 18:59 wandering_weeb I just got R1 Serpent Spine from battle pass and wondering if it's better than my current R4 Whiteblind on Noelle. What do you guys think? Should I switch her weapon or not? I know SS is better on equal refinement but I'm not sure if it's R4 vs R1.

View Poll
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2022.01.19 18:59 shinebright6 Can you help me identifying little monster who destroyed my philo? I'm desperate

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2022.01.19 18:59 bs-brasil_drama Boas vindas aos novos usuários do sub é timeline de bosta!

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2022.01.19 18:59 LostWolf0222 Somebody has been harassing me and my friends and I need some advice

Hello reddit. So for 2 years there is someone who has been harassing me and my friends and today he just gave my friend a hand written picture of me and my friend making out and my friend got livid and was about to punch the kid but i stopped him. So reddit how should i go about handling this problem?
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2022.01.19 18:59 boiramain PC moving multiple items to a chest

I have a shit tonne of arrows that I wanna move into a chest, I can't seem to find a key to move the whole stack? Does one exist?
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2022.01.19 18:59 hexazid In the event of an air-spread zombie virus apocalypse, what would be your first ten actions?

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2022.01.19 18:59 kathoron Our fav wannabe influencer makes more beige slop for dinner. Follow her for more recipes!! 😆

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2022.01.19 18:59 Same-Candidate-3510 Study Hall Moniter

I just saw the posting for a SHM and was wondering if anyone knew what the job was like. Is there time to get homework done or are you constantly moving? Is it a good job overall?
Thanks :)
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2022.01.19 18:59 AllTooHumeMan Vegan cat food for cat with urinary tract concerns

Are there vegan versions of kibble for cats with of urinary tract issues? Specifically a cat with a narrow urethra prone to infections prescribed a urinary health kibble.
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2022.01.19 18:59 klip_twings FWR offers personal anecdote to prove that sundown towns "go both ways"

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2022.01.19 18:59 BelleAriel That's the point

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2022.01.19 18:59 Lazy_Neat_6491 55g nature aquarium looking good after maintenance.

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