Are the side effects of working out (flatulence) worth the final product for partners?

2022.01.19 20:05 anonthrowaway2531 Are the side effects of working out (flatulence) worth the final product for partners?

Been working out a bunch recently. It’s been paying off and not for nothing look pretty good with my shirt off. But…the high protein diet has cause some less than desirable GI issues. Long story short, unpleasant flatulence. Would you judge your partner or prospective partner for this if the results were desirable? Thanks
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2022.01.19 20:05 Gamersville101 Tesla's business model that is KILLING rivals, Vertical Integration and Dealerships are killing competition.

Thankyou for reading this lengthy post, As to avoid being deleted I will not link to my the Tesla Folder newslettearticle. I would still appreciate, and ask for any feedback/thoughts in the comments below!
If you think Tesla is going out of business, I’ve got news for you. Tesla IS the one putting people out of business.
In this article I will go over the ancient business model that is the “Car Dealership” which benefits nobody, not consumers nor the car manufacturer but only benefits the car dealers themselves. Tesla has single handedly eliminated this model through their own Direct-To-Consumer program which is only a smaller part of Tesla’s vertical supply chain integration. An integration which is foreign to traditional ICE manufacturers, and is one of the main reasons Tesla has Gross Margins of over 30%.
It is also one of the reasons Tesla is putting other manufacturers out of business and on the edge of bankruptcy. As Christiaan Hetzner from Fortune Reports said
“Try as they might, some of Tesla’s closest rivals are falling further and further behind.”
Lets see how exactly:
let’s talk about the Direct-to-Consumer Mode Tesla is using, and why it is so effective.
Car dealerships are notorious for being unhelpful and expensive places. Tesla has never wanted anything to do with this outdated system whilst legacy car manufacturers remain stuck with these out-dated models. Only Yesterday Ford told dealers not to mess with their Ford-lightning pickup truck pricing. Per Jonathon Ramsey of Autoblog:

"(Ford) sends letter threatening to cut allocations over reservation upcharging" The dealers are literally making the vehicle "$1,500 to $10,000" more expensive! And that is on average! Some dealerships have even been heard asking reservation holders to pay more than $30,000 extra for their orders!
You wont see Tesla sending threatening letters to anyone about markups because they handle all of the vehicle deliverys themselves!
Dealerships add an extra layer of cost and complexity to the car buying process. Dealerships get most of their profit from servicing vehicles, however the thing with Electric Vehicles is they don’t need NEARLY as much servicing as ICE vehicles because there are simply less parts in the car. And even if there is an issue like a Heat pump. Tesla (like they did two days ago) can send an over-the-air update and BOOM the Heat Pump issue is fixed within a few days. Dealerships simply aren’t needed anymore, especially not now that they’re jacking up prices to take advantage of the current global supply chain.
Tesla does however have show rooms, these however don’t pose any conflicts of interest like dealerships because in the Tesla showrooms there are only Tesla employees and service staff, no one works off comission there.
Tesla’s direct to consumer model, by owning the sales channel, gives Tesla an advantage in its deliveries, product development and vertical integration. Tesla is in control of so much of its own supply chain that they’re able to rapdily introduce changes and to be able to improve efficiency at unphathomable speeds.
The direct-to-consumer (DTC) model is however, only a small pixel in the greater picture that is Tesla’s vertical supply chain integration. So let’s zoom out a bit.
Tesla: Owning your supply chain (The Bigger Picture)
2021 has been a global nightmare for supply chains, with a global chip shortage, a ship getting stuck in the suez canal and an ongoing pandemic. Yet Tesla managed to nearly DOUBLE vehicle deliveries. You can see Tesla is one of the few companies growing their electric vehicle deliveries, and their market share. But how?
% Share of the US Premium Brands Vehicle Market. (Source, James Stephenson)
Tesla has been aggresively trying to integrate their supply chain, from building their own batteries to installing their own charging stations to delivering the vehicle right to your door…
Tesla is THE MOST integrated manufacturer.
Tesla’s so called ‘competition’ has been investing in design and final assembly for the past 30 years without major innovation. Jack Ewing from the New York Times said it accurately when he said:
“In recent decades, the conventional auto wisdom had it that manufacturers should concentrate on design and final assembly and farm out the rest to suppliers. That strategy helped reduce how much money big players tied up in factories, but left them vulnerable to supply chain turmoil,”
Tesla however is doing things differently, they’re controlling every aspect of the car, ranging from making their own batteries to providing their own software and AI. Phil Amsrud a senior analyst specializing in semiconductors said it best when he said
“Tesla has fewer boxes, and the fewer the components you need right now, the better.” (Tesla has) a more streamlined approach,” Which is clearly benefitting them.
Tesla has secured its future as the number 1 Electric-Vehicle (and thus by default car manufacturer) because they’re carefully integrating everything that goes into the car. Tesla is in control of its destiny because it is the one who designs the technology in the car, Tesla writes the code, Tesla produces their own batteries unlike their copmetitors. This is why Tesla will be able to scale their production whilst competitors will continue to struggle to produce Electric Vehicles in meaningfull amounts for the foreseeable future.
As for how and when Wall Street will wake up to this information, who knows
Thankyou for reading, let me know what you think about Tesla's DTC model and their vertical integration!
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2022.01.19 20:05 FullMetalLoaf Need some help identifying this muzzle device.

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2022.01.19 20:05 villaindekufan16 hi

i love villain deku but hate villain bakugou!
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2022.01.19 20:05 TheSovietSkye lemme catch up, wsp everyone?

missing me? probably not.
how is everyone?
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2022.01.19 20:05 Authority101 Surgery Tomorrow Yay!

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2022.01.19 20:05 dimitrios_vlachos_04 Woolly rhino skeleton.

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2022.01.19 20:05 lbabinz [Amazon] The House of the Dead Vinyl is up for pre-order

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2022.01.19 20:05 vinking01 LF: mints (modest, bold, adamant, calm, careful, impish, timid, jolly) FT: 5iv aprimons, rare items (see below)

Rare items include: combat items, apriballs, master ball, ability patch, gold bottle cap, evolution stones, heart scales, magmarizer…
5iv Pokemon include: love feebas, level/moon gible, friend bagon, heavy mudkip, level chimchar, lure totodile, friend bulbasaur, lure magikarp, friend larvitar, fast rotom, fast torchic, heavy shellder, moon gligar, love pachirisu, love vulpix, level stantler, love aipom, love pachirisu, friend kecleon, moon eevee, moon beldum, moon ralts, lure squirtle
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2022.01.19 20:05 Visible-Doughnut-782 Is it ever acceptable for an adult to wear their teams kit on a none match day?

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2022.01.19 20:05 PotatoezandChees3z This is so true tho...

This is so true tho...
I always watch the videos the second they come out. Unlike the guy in the comic! >:( I've been watching Dan since his channel started.
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2022.01.19 20:05 Jesperthemate Opinion: Cersei Lannister isnt evil (SHOW CERSEI).

Many might instinctively cringe at this opinion but hear me out. Let's go through the actions of Cersei and see if the sum of her actions and personality can be characterized as evil.
Season 1
- Her influence on Jaime pushing Bran out of a tower.
It is difficult to know whether she truly wanted Jaime to push Bran as she didn't say so explicitly. But lets even assume she did want that, while the action is undoubtedly gruesome is it truly evil? if she wanted to push Bran it is not out of some ill intent towards him but because of self preservation for her and mote importantly her children, she knows that if Bran spreads her secret not only will she be killed, but all of heir children will be butchered by Robert Baratheon. Any mother in the same situation would have made the choice to save their own children if they had to. This does not make her evil. This is going to become a theme btw, Cersei does make gruesome decisions when forced into a corner with no way out. Though it can be argued that she isn't even responsible for this one.
- Showing sympathy to Catlyn
Number two is a good deed. After Bran falls she shows sympathy to Catlyn and tells her about losing her first child. Small deed but this absolutely important for her character.
- Killing Sansa's wolf (lady).
This undoubtedly looks like a cruel act, but if we try to remove our bias for cute puppies is it really?. First of all, she does it to correct the humility Joffrey suffered of being beaten by a girl and bitten by a wolf. Also, in the modern era we put down dogs who bite humans, which makes her action even more reasonable, and she doesn’t know whether Arya and the Wolf ambushed Joffrey or if Joffrey started the fight (which he did), as she wasn’t there. And she obviously believes her son before Arya. This reasonable justification is something I think differentiates her from the truly evil characters like Joffrey and Ramsay, they don’t need a justification for their actions. They are cruel for the sake of being cruel. And other characters like Tywin who I also consider evil have extremely flimsy excuses for their evil deeds, (Tywin is unnecessary cruel to Tyrion for his mother dying in childbirth, something he has no responsibility for. Tywin is extremely intelligent and knows deep down that Tyrion doesn’t have any responsibility which is why his continued cruelty is evil).
- Having Robert killed.
If a friend you knew got physically abused, verbally abused, sexually abused, ignored and mocked for years would you think it was evil to kill the abuser? THE ANSWER IS NO, and that happened to Cersei. And furthermore, she once again only has Robert killed once she is forced into a corner where her children will be killed or hunted down for the rest of her life if she doesn’t as Ned is about to tell him her secret. 100% justified.
- Being partly responsible for having Ned starks men killed in the Throne room.
This is once again a fully justified action and it doesn’t just lie on her shoulders, Littlefinger and Janos Slynt both have some responsibility. Ned Stark is threatening to strip her and her children of all power, imprison them and to leave them at the mercy of Stannis Baratheon who would probably have them killed as they threaten his legitimacy if they should return to Tywin. Cersei gives Ned ample opportunity to swear loyalty to Joffrey and return to Winterfell, unharmed with all his men and both his daughters. This is an extremely generous offer considering he has already said he knows her secret. He rejects this and forces her hand; Ned stark is fully to blame for getting his men killed.
- Trying to get Ned Stark to join the nights watch
This is a good deed, she is trying to avoid war and giving ned the opportunity to stay at the watch instead of rotting in a cell for the rest of his life. Once again, extremely generous.
- Cersei tries to stop Joffrey from having Ned stark killed
Cersei does try to get Joffrey to stop the execution of Ned stark. Some ridiculously argue that she didn’t try hard enough. ZERO of the powerful people (Varys, Pycelle, etc) around Joffrey at the time manage to make him change his mind. This is a good deed as she is trying to avoid war once again.
Season 2
Now we have come to season 2. And in this season Cersei doesn’t do a single act that is even questionable. And no, being rude to Tyrion once after he joked about her incest isn’t evil. That’s verbal payback for being mocked. The same goes for being angry at him for basically kidnapping Myrcella. And while she imprisons Rose (because she believes Tyrion cares about her), she only does this to make sure Tyrion doesn’t hurt Joffrey, she immediately lets her go once Blackwater is finished and doesn’t torture her. So lets move on to good deeds.
Good deeds.
- She gives Catlyn Ned starks bones back. Yes Tyrion suggests it, but she allows it (Which she has no reason to do if she is truly evil).
- She gives Sansa advice and once again shows sympathy to her after her period. She recommends she has a child, so she gets some happiness in her life. Literally no other reason to suggest this other than being kind (and no she doesn’t care about Lannister legacy like Tywin does).
- She is clearly disturbed by Joffrey torturing prostitutes and being cruel to Sansa. Literally questioning whether Joffreys cruelness is a price for her incest. One of the most humane moments in the show.
- She first lies to Sansa about Ser Ilynn being in Magors Holdfast to protect them as she doesn’t want Sansa to be scared. Only when she gets more drunk does she admit the truth (which obviously isn’t evil either).
- She is about to kill Tommen when she thinks the battle is lost to spare him from the pain of Stannis killing her and him.
Season 3.
Cersei being Jealous of Margery
- Yes Cersei is Jealous of Margaery, but she doesn’t say or do anything that is out of line before Margaery literally tries to manipulate her during Sansas wedding with the whole “lets be sisters”, Cersei realizes this and turns hostile as anybody would if they know they are being knowingly manipulated.
Cersei recommends Tyrion give Sansa a Child
- Once again, a really good deed. No, she is not doing it to impress Tywin, it is made explicitly clear that she doesn’t care about his legacy in season 4. She does it because she wants Sansa to have some happiness in her life, an extremely good deed.
Cersei tries to stop Joffrey from verbally abusing Sansa at her wedding
- Another good deed, she doesn’t like the unnecessary cruelty of Joffrey and tried to stop him from doing it.
Cersei is disturbed by Joffreys insistence of serving Rob Starks head to Sansa.
- Some would argue its just to attempt to control him, I totally disagree. If you watch the scence her smile evaporates once Joffrey shows his cruelty, and she looks disturbed and tries to talk him out of the idea.
Season 4
In this Season Cersei is a bit more questionable but nothing that rises to level of “evil”.
Cersei wants Pycelle to feed the leftovers of Joffreys weddings to the dogs.
- This is just done out of Jealously, while it is certainly childish it isn’t evil.
Cersei wants to kill Tyrion
- She truly believes he killed Joffrey, she is obviously wrong, but no parent is evil in my view for wanting their child’s killer dead.
Cersei tells Tywin the truth about her incest.
- This is a morally grey deed. Though I would say its mainly done out of love, she thinks he wants to steal and manipulate her son (which he basically does want).
Season 5
Season 5 is more of the same.
Cersei imprisons Loras and is partly responsible for Margaerys imprisonment
- Margery only has herself to blame, she mocks Cersei infront of an audience of girls. Insulting her drinking habbits, telling her about having sex with her son, rubbing in the fact that Cersei is no longer queen. And no this hostility isn’t just Cersei’s fault, Margaery started the hostility by attempting to manipulate her. And while it is once again childish of Cersei to imprison Loras, that’s really all it is. She just wanted some short term schadenfreude. She had no idea how powerful the faith militant would become and did not intend to start a war with the Tyrells. She is clearly ignorant in this situation, not evil.
Cersei rubs it in Margaerys face that she is in prison
- Margaery did the same to her, enough said.
Season 6
Cersei kills a guy who flashes her in the lowest moment of her life.
- This guy literally sexually harasses her, and then continues to brag about it. She is the victim not him. Not evil.
Cersei blows up the sept.
- I am guessing this is moment some might believe, aha gotcha. But no. Cersei tries every other option before resorting to this extreme. She tries to simply stay in the red keep and put it all behind her, that’s not enough for the faith as they demand she is put on trial, she tries to solve that by having a trial by combat, the high sparrow then manipulates Tommen into absolving Trial by combat and sends Jaime away so he wont be there to protect her.
- When she has no other way out, her life is on the line. The city is ruled by religious fanatics who brutalize anybody who dissent she finally blows up the sept. She even saves her son who betrayed her. Also, if not for the faith militants stupidity Margaery and Loras might even have survived and another war could have been avoided. The absolute majority of the blame here is on the faith militant and the high sparrow who gave her no choice.
Cersei kills Pycelle
- Pycelle is a disgusting man responsible for allowing Tywin Lannister to sack kings landing, he likes very young girls (though I am not saying he is interested in children), he manipulates Tommen and he stares at Cersei with a sexual smirk after she does her walk of atonement. Though killing him is cruel he is clearly a man who would betray her the first chance he got and also not a decent person. This act is cruel, I admit that. But one cruel act does not make one evil, especially considering the MANY good deeds she does.
Season 7
She mainly just rules as a monarch trying to defend her kingdom, defending yourself against an illegitimate and whiny invader like Daenerys is not evil in the slightest. Yes, she does kill the Sand snake (don’t remember her name) and the wife of Oberyn in a rather cruel way, however they literally killed her daughter just to start a war. Totally justified from Cersei.
Cersei allows Olenna Tyrell a peacefull and painless death
- Some of you might argue that since she even considered a cruel death for her enemy, she is evil. Absolutely not, it is precisely the fact that she is able to reconsider which makes her different from evil people like Joffrey who don’t.
Cersei allows Jaime Lannister to leave her unharmed, even though he is betraying her by fighting with her enemies.
- Once again, an extremely generous act considering what he is doing. Betraying her to fight for another house. And no it was absolutely justified by Cersei to not honour her pledge to fight against the white walkers. Daenerys (the spoiled brat) literally says she will invade her afterwards despite the help.
Season 8
Season 8 doesn’t count, and she spends her time staring out of windows and complaining about elephants. Season 8 sucks
In conclusion, while Cersei is certainly not good, and is perhaps one of the most flawed characters on the show she is still FAR from evil. She doesn’t enjoy cruelty to people who haven’t harmed her severely (like killing her child), she can often give good advice and show sympathy, she often tries to stop her son from being cruel, etc.
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2022.01.19 20:05 aphnori (XBOX) [H] fennec and dingo [W] 500cr- fennec, 300cr- dingo

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2022.01.19 20:05 RedditAzania 927 new cases in TAS. 31 in hospital. 3 in ICU. 0 new deaths.

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2022.01.19 20:05 biggwill1 Wow 😍😍😍😍

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2022.01.19 20:05 boxorandyos Anybody think of a good use for this before it goes in the trash?

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2022.01.19 20:05 ALDIODERQUIDS Kind of not DUST related

Hey everybody, so I know this is not DUST or Frost related, but you guys are some pretty remarkable modders and you actually reply, other than the guys on FalloutMods lol. Anyways, my problem is that I wanna mark a location on the players map after picking up a note. Thing is, I am completely new to modding and havent found any good tutorials for the New Vegas GECK. Any help is appreciated. :)
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2022.01.19 20:05 bucket--bot wronged. 273. It could take a bit ?

on lmao
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2022.01.19 20:05 MarcusTequila 22 [M4R] UK Need some friends to talk to.

My name is Marcus, I am British and love to spend time hiking outdoors whilst I prepare plans for my D&D campaigns, I have a pretty "dad" sense of humour and like to think I'm pretty funny and nice person to be around. My hobbies include Hiking, Airsoft, D&D, Gaming, Playing Piano, and whatever else interests me at the time.
Just kinda looking for people to vibe with and make the day go a bit quicker and fun at work.
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2022.01.19 20:05 wal_king_disaster Reports Show Government Intends To Imply Stricter Regulations On Cryptocurrency ATMs

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2022.01.19 20:05 Ok_Egg1324 Starting to think I'm hard to love or something

I'm so tired of trying to get into a relationship, or start being a bit vulnerable with someone I'm seeing and then they're ghosting me afterwards. It's hard enough for me to open up to someone and I feel like I'm continuously being played or someone just use me to fulfill their fantasy.
I have issues with guys who can't be honest, and up until recently I've been realizing that some guys just find me cute enough to have sex with but not to date. I DESERVE A NORMAL RELATIONSHIP 😭😭😭
I'm so tired and kinda hopeless with online dating and dating in general. When I start liking someone I'm seeing, I start to doubt myself so hard now especially if we don't really have constant communication. And I don't know how to stop feeling this way :(
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2022.01.19 20:05 The_Firthster While I'm flattered that you think I'm capable of 9+ star maps now, my crappy arms respectfully disagree. Looks like Practice Mode is in the cards for me...😭

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2022.01.19 20:05 wotanub Wow, online play in SSBU is so tilting compared to offline.

Even after 3 years, this is still true for some reason. Would it even be better if we had rollback? I've seen some bad rollback before. How is SSBM doing with online?
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2022.01.19 20:05 drawing_ishard

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