Can introverts have a large circle of close friends?

2021.11.27 13:36 semaur Can introverts have a large circle of close friends?

So I have a friend who I would describe as really friendly, outgoing, easy to talk to and basically very extroverted. She formed a large circle of friends in her first few months in college (the same time that I joined, but I only used to talk to her and my roommate) and I remember this one time we were all hanging out and realizing that every single person joined this circle because of her.
But she describes herself as an introvert (not even an ambivert). I pointed out how I rarely see her by herself (We share a room now and she's always out except when she's asleep or on netflix, etc) but she insists its not the same as being extroverted.
Everyone considers her as their best friend. She's part of many other social circles and is also good at talking to strangers. She also has many long-lasting relationships who she is still very close to.
She's the total opposite of me. All my friends are extroverted but I still consider her the most extroverted of them all.
So I'm wondering are there any other introverts who just happen to have a lot of close friends (REALLY close friends, like she's literally everyone's best friend in the circle, me included) but are still introverted in terms of their personalities? Or is she actually just an extrovert?
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2021.11.27 13:36 AMA_Dr_Wise_Money People be on social media like... smh 🙄😤

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2021.11.27 13:36 Egzotiko Heatran 4586 2949 8765

4586 2949 8765
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2021.11.27 13:36 HaldiramsIsNotFrench I saw that a certain website I frequented was having a coin sale

Who knew that flattened scrotums look like coins
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Maryland vs Rutgers Live stream ReddiT《🔵【Ncaaf 2021】🌟🌟 Army Liberty Live stream 🌟 Florida State Florida Live stream 🌟 Maryland Rutgers Live stream 🌟 Houston UConn Live stream 🌟 Watch Sunshine Showdown 2021 Live stream Free online🟡 submitted by SlowTeaching to mediasportsfeed [link] [comments]

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2021.11.27 13:36 kotalby My speakers work on my laptop but not my computer (some context, I just installed a new video card)

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Will add first 5 who request, be online
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2021.11.27 13:36 notcompletelydying what’s the “weirdest” thing you get gender envy from?

mine is my band teachers. i’d literally give anything to be male presenting in a suit whilst directing a concert
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2021.11.27 13:36 Wonderful-Impress268 I have this problem on my m1 macbook air (new) is this normal?

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2021.11.27 13:36 NeggitPirate Opening chapter of my story - is it boring or ok??? Feedback is much appreciated!

Noah walked along Brownstone Street on many afternoons during the summers, so he passed by Cooke Castle often. But it never failed to take his breath away. The tall, round turret topped by its imposing conical roof dominated the left side, dwarfing all the houses in the neighborhood. The multi-gabled attic wing on the opposite side was nearly as impressive. Noah had never been inside Cooke Castle, but he imagined the amazing view he’d get from those gable windows.
The two-story porch wrapped its way around most of the front and right side of the castle, providing a perfect place to sit outside in any weather. Two of the three bay windows were decorated with stained glass, and some of the foyer windows behind the shadow of the porch also had some hints of red and gold in them.
The base of the castle was built from large interlocking, locally quarried blocks of granite, and the higher levels were built from wood and covered with beautiful sky-blue shingles that had protected the walls for over a century.
As Noah walked past the house today, he noticed two things. The Cooke Castle, proudly standing there, rising up from its overgrown surroundings, was starting to fall apart. Of course, it had been deteriorating for six years, since the old woman who’d lived there had passed away, but it was only now that Noah had noticed the state of disrepair it was in.
The turret stood tall and proud as ever, but the shingles covering the conical roof had become brittle and broken into pieces, leaving the house unprotected from rain and snow. The highest gables of the building still had probably the best views in town, however, most of the windows had been cracked, most likely by a bunch of stupid, bored teens, Noah guessed.
The double front porch still protected visitors from the hot summer sun and the chill of winter, but it didn’t look like it would last much longer. The white paint had long since peeled from the intricately-carved railings, and the once-sturdy posts threatened to collapse in on themselves. If the pillars finally caved in, the whole porch would come down with them, Noah knew.
The granite base was still bearing its load loyally and was one of the few parts of the house that remained fully intact. Even the characteristic blue wall shingles were slowly dropping off the exterior walls, revealing bare, untreated wood that would begin to rot if the shingles were not replaced soon.
The problem with Cooke Castle was that the owners lived over a thousand miles away, down in Florida, and they refused to live in the castle, sell it, or fix it. They never used or visited their historic mansion, yet they stubbornly held onto it and would not sell it to anybody willing to restore it.
The second thing that Noah noticed was the ruby-red SUV that was parked carelessly by the front porch. Its tire trails had flattened the tall, weedy grass that had not been mown since sometime in 2016. The Ford Explorer had apparently driven right over the curb and hadn’t bothered with the actual path leading to the garage that stood some distance behind the castle.
Tourists, Noah thought. He’d seen quite a few people stop at the castle in the last few years. Some of them would park on the side of the road, take a few pictures, and then continue their vacation. Others would charge up like they owned the place and start swinging their metal detectors and digging holes with their shovels. They’d climb the ancient poplar trees in the backyard, peering into every knothole. They’d try to force open doors and windows to get inside the castle. They’d crawl underneath the porch with headlamps and search around for hours.
These people were, of course, treasure hunters. They were people that came from near and far to dig up the legendary treasure of Charles Cooke, the original builder, and occupant of the Castle. Charles Cooke had been a very wealthy merchant, but according to old town stories, he’d made most of his money by robbing banks.
In 1902, just before he was arrested, Cooke had allegedly filled a traveler’s trunk with silver dollars, hundreds, maybe even thousands of silver dollars, and hidden or buried it somewhere on his property where it would not be found. And according to the stories, it was still buried on the grounds of the castle.
The town of Granite Peak made good money from publicizing Cooke's Treasure. For a small fee, tourists and locals alike were invited to go on 'treasure hunts' at the history museums, where clues and instructions were provided so that they knew where to look. Most of these treasure hunts would take place inside one of the old buildings in town that had been decorated to look like Cooke’s Castle. Props had been set up, including false floors, rotating secret bookshelves, cardboard ghosts that popped up when you approached, and secret trap doors behind paintings. And the treasure that you could find was a cardboard chest with fake silver dollars.
Once, in fifth grade, after he’d gotten tired of playing the fake treasure hunt games, Noah had decided to go look for the real treasure at the real Cooke’s Castle. He’d shown up one Saturday morning with two friends, armed with plastic trowels, some worn pink gloves he’d borrowed from Granny, and most importantly, a real treasure map. Noah and his friends had spent a ton of money, fourteen dollars, to buy the map from a museum on Main Street. It was a very detailed drawing of Cooke’s Castle, with a great big X marking the location of the treasure, a few feet from the base of the main tower.
Noah and his two friends hadn’t considered the fact that no museum would sell the map to an undiscovered treasure for fourteen dollars. They’d begun digging wildly at the spot where the map had directed, and they dug for about two minutes before they were interrupted by the sound of a large object landing with a crack - inches away from them. A heavy wooden board had fallen from somewhere above them and it had landed so close to them that it actually crushed one of the plastic shovels they’d been digging with. The obvious culprit was Charles Cooke himself - his ghost, in fact- warning them not to take his treasure. The three boys had run away and Noah hadn’t set foot on the grounds of the castle since. The strangest part was that the board and the holes they’d dug had vanished by the next day.
That was always the case when people came to dig for treasure. They’d arrive at the castle, dig a small hole, give up, and drive away. But the evidence would always vanish. The holes would always be filled by the next morning.
Besides being known for bank robberies and treasure, Cooke Castle was also said to be haunted. Many people, especially the tour guides, were adamant that they’d seen ghosts in the Castle before. Noah, having nearly been hit by an inexplicable falling piece of wood at Cooke Castle, had to admit there was something spooky about it.
Noah was still staring at the house. There was a flash of light from one of the turret windows. As soon as it had appeared, the light vanished, but Noah was already running past the Cooke Castle.
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2021.11.27 13:36 joosth3 Engineered Bacteria Enhance Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapy through Stromal Remodeling of Tumors. Essentially Breaking Down the Tumor's 'Shield'

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2021.11.27 13:36 AalokSoul Need razor fang, please help.

I will PayPal lol. Please help.
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2021.11.27 13:36 kennmilli Can I use an xfinity hotspot on my xfinity flex device?

Just moved into a new apartment and transferred my Xfinity internet with it. Turns out that the new apartment doesn’t have a visible coax outlet so I have an appointment for a tech to come tomorrow and install. The agent I chatted with said that in the meantime I should be able to use an xfinity hotspot to connect and use my xfinity flex box to stream.
However, the flex device is prompting me to enter a password for both “XFINITY” and “xfinitywifi”. I’ve tried my username, password and router password (all suggestions from a different agent) and nothing works.
Seems kind of crazy that an Xfinity device wouldn’t connect to its own branded hotspot?? Anyone else have any tips or a better answer?
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2021.11.27 13:36 FPTSD1999 Is there any way to redelegate from Kepler to ledger?

Hey everyone! sorry if this is a stupid question. I am trying to move most of my crypto from keplr to ledger. Is there any way to do this or do I have to undelegate?
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2021.11.27 13:36 ShitPump420 400 Mill Coins added to the supply every year?

Hey 👋 👋 Everybody. Just joined the club this week, but wasn't aware of the 400 mill increase in supply every year. What's up with that? Isn't that counter productive to price increase? Not trying to fud...but this definitely bothers me as a new investor. I didn't see anything about this here in our sub. Found it on crypto, so I'm not sure if I even believe it.
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