Millions of dollars in rare-shaped Cheetos are eaten without paying attention every day.

BG was measured every 30 min intraoperatively, and every 1–2 hours after arrival to ICU, until the patient was hemodynamically stable and could tolerate oral intake; at this point and after transition to regular floor, BG measurements were performed before each meal and at bedtime.|The primary outcome of the study was the difference in the ... Find the latest U.S. news stories, photos, and videos on Read breaking headlines covering politics, economics, pop culture, and more. The results of the study conducted by Joham et al showed an association between the presence of PCOS and an increase in the prevalence of GDM (11.2% compared to 3.8% of women without polycystic ovaries) and of DM2 (5.1% compared to 0, 3% of women without polycystic ovaries) [30]. insulin pens diabetes type 2 🙈test kit. This is a retrospective medical record review study to examine the role of postoperative hyperglycemia on the risk for SSI in different surgical patients, independent of the existence of diabetes..truste-banner a:linkcolor:#007cb0.truste-banner a:hovercolor:#[email protected] screen and (max-width:790px).truste-button2position:absolute;top:20px.truste ... The reigning king of Song Parody, Alfred Matthew Yankovic (born October 23, 1959), is an American musical humorist with a career spanning 40 years.. Sometime in 1966, a door-to-door salesman stopped by the Yankovic household offering either guitar or accordion lessons; according to Al, his parents figured that "the world needed one more accordion-playing Yankovic" (the first being polka legend ... My teasing went too far and now I'm paying for it. Oh Joy! Exhibitionist & Voyeur 01/31/19: I Can't Stop Teasing Guys Ch. 03 (4.75) "My teasing keeps getting me in over my head. No stopping now even if I wanted to." Exhibitionist & Voyeur 02/08/19: I Can't Stop Teasing Guys Ch. 04 (4.54) "Now I'm told to tease the son of David's boss. On it.

2021.10.17 06:26 alvizarsm Millions of dollars in rare-shaped Cheetos are eaten without paying attention every day.

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2021.10.17 06:26 Hyperdragon5 Am I now un banned

Pls he un banned
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2021.10.17 06:26 J_F80 Norton 360 mobile problem

Hello guys,
I have Norton 360 mobile on my phone and I have paid a lot of money for it.
But yesterday i saw that Norton don't scan all the apps, especially the manually installed and third-party apps.
I have CCleaner on my phone manually installed and the avtivirus don't scan it, I can't find it on the apps list on Norton. And maybe it happens with other apps too.
Other avtiviruses way cheaper scan very well all the apps and storage.
This sh*t is what I paid all the money for?
Please give some ideas.
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2021.10.17 06:26 slayerclub [WTB] Pistol brace prefer ODG or FDE (TX)

SBA3 or SBA4 but prefer the 3. Idk, $60-90 or something
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2021.10.17 06:26 Fantastic_Solution94 I miss this sunset weapon

There are only two, and I mean this, TWO, weapons that could have this roll: Dragonfly, Rampage. The weapons, ringing nail (which, was never a big fan of), and trust. TRUST, with dragonfly n rampage was so good. It was super consistent, and had great synergy. Having my dragonfly explosion, ramp up in damage with rampage, giving me more destructive explosions, was such fun, and trust archetype was spectacular. To this day, coming up to 30th anniversary/witch queen, there has not been another weapon that can roll an explosive perk like dragonfly/firefly, with a damage boosting perk. And I wait for that roll combination to come back into my life. (plz bungo :( )
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2021.10.17 06:26 capriciouszephyr Pizza flavored fake rice

Pizza flavored fake rice submitted by capriciouszephyr to StupidFood [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 06:26 Diligent-Pitch-5103 Any way to start a solo hunt without having to talk to hinoa or minoto?

Title says it all. Not a huge issue, but it would be convenient to be able to start a solo hunt without having to talk to hinoa or minoto. Is there any way to do that? (Seeing that you can't start a solo hunt from the quest board)
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2021.10.17 06:26 Fearless512 The talent is gone, time to abandon ship

Vince Napoli is gone. Without him this game has nothing, he was the only reason this game had anything going for it. His combat deign was awesome and made this grueling game somewhat enjoyable to play. Now that he's gone were left with a skeleton team of people who have no idea what to do except shove microtransactions in a dying game. It's Anthem all over again, people are leaving and the team is getting smaller and smaller till no one is left. This game has just been one giant scam to lure people in with the promise of a great avengers game only to slap you in the face with reality.
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2021.10.17 06:26 pizza_no_crust A320NX mfs2020

is there a way to use the a320NX mod without it being broken in microsoft flight sim 2020
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2021.10.17 06:26 FrontpageWatch2020 [#387|+4147|56] Secret handshake [r/SuddenlyGay]

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2021.10.17 06:26 7292729 Did I (18F) abuse these children?

This summer (when I was 17) I worked as a camp counselor. I ended up having various physical interactions with campers that, due to my past sexual abuse, made me slightly uncomfortable, I thought were entirely appropriate until there was an incident where another counselor touched a child inappropriately. This caused me to question all of my interactions with campers that I was already anxious about, and it launched me into full-on rumination.

I feel like the only interaction here that may not have been 100% appropriate was the tickling, but I think that’s not sexual abuse in itself and I only did that because I thought it was okay after my boss did it in front of me several times. I don’t feel like I did anything wrong but did I?
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2021.10.17 06:26 benitosblade I am about to graduate in December and don't know what to apply for?

I'm 37 and in December I will be Graduating from WGU with my BS in Business Administration and Marketing. I don't know what good companies or positions to apply for. I type in business administration in Indeed and some jobs pop up but they require that I have years of experience in that certain field. I have never made more than 11 an hour and have had so many jobs from welding and machining to street sweeping, medical courier, and substitute teacher. I would like to get on with a company where I don't have a dead-end position and have room to grow. I would like to find a good company and have them pay tuition for me for my MBA and move up within the company. I'm looking into getting my A+, Netowork+, and Security+ certifications to get into IT but I'm worried I still won't get a decent job with no experience in IT and a degree that is not CS. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.10.17 06:26 EntertainmentFast497 Spot price on less than 24k

Where would one find the scrap price on a piece of gold like a necklace or something similar? So if a guy is trying to sell a 14k gold chain and says, I’ll sell it for 550 and that’s at the spot price. How do I verify what that price is.
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2021.10.17 06:26 DanielNeptune i dont think thats a coffee shop

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2021.10.17 06:26 Subject-Ad-8762 Join the 𝙣𝙪𝙙𝙞𝙩𝙮 𝙇&𝙇 Discord Server!

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2021.10.17 06:26 chopper20156 Tournament vote your favorite

Second phase
View Poll
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2021.10.17 06:26 Limp-Preparation-249 🛸SpaceX Floki🛸 ($XFLOKI) - A Throwback to the Old BSC By Doxxed Devs - Listed on Major Exchanges & 4,000+ Holders In Less Than 24 Hours – 24/7 Voicechat Running in TG - Making BSC History!

In 48 hours we’ve crossed MEGA milestones.

SpaceX Floki is a crypto coin birthed by fans & members of the Doge, Shiba, and Floki inu community. SpaceX Floki aims to combine the power and drive of a community to be amongst the top 10 crypto projects on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
Since launch, SpaceX Floki has shown great potential and momentum drawing in various investors who miss and cherish the golden age of BSC.
We are here to stay and ready to kickstart the next crypto revolution. Don't miss out on this great journey!
💧 4% Auto Liquidity Pool
🎁 3% $XFLOKI redistribution to holders.
📢 2% Marketing.
🔥 1% Automatic Burn.
✅ Massive AMA campaigns Ongoing.
✅ Listed on CMC & Coingecko.
✅ Professional, Ambitious & Doxxed Developers.
✅ Long Term Project With Pending Utilities.
✅ NFTs In The Pipeline.
✅ KYC AUDITED! At 25,000 Holders A Certik Audit Will Be Done.
💳 How To Buy? 💳
🏷️ Contract Address: 0xfb1fac5a23f70ffb0992eefe33c64cf0b4fa7d6e
🍰 Pancakeswap:
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
🌍 Website: Coming soon
🔐 Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒
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2021.10.17 06:26 CynicalWilson13 Windows 11 install fails, even though HEalthCheck shows no issues - CPU unsupported

Driving me crazy.. the PC HeakthCheck is reporting that everything is fine (TPM 2.0, Securboot etc). My CPU is ntel(R) Core(TM) i7-7820HQ CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90 GHz, but whenever I actually run the update (via install tool as well as downloaded media) it stops after a while and reports: "This processor does not meet the requirements.." and the installation stops.
Any tips? I googled a ton, and none of the results had any relevance. I also already added the AllowUpgradeWithUnsupportedTPMOrCPU registry key.. no change.
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2021.10.17 06:26 Flashy-Onion-6582 I might not watch eps 9 this week , let me explain why

Im thinking about waiting until next week , because the show is ending and i wanna have a “special” Wentworth moment . So I’m thinking bout waiting until next week to watch both episodes in a row … but i dont know if I’ll be able to do that😭😭😭 anyone thinking the same ?
❗️Please do not put any spoilers in the comments ❗️
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2021.10.17 06:26 amanbhatia97 PokePunks collectibles, limited to just 500 | Only at 0.01 ETH, increasing to 0.03 ETH | Super bullish on OpenSea, sold 1/2 of collection | Get 2 NFTs for 0.01 (minting offer) |​​ Now minting: Shiny Bulbasaur, Mega Blastoise, Mega Gyarados | Buy now, links in comments!

PokePunks collectibles, limited to just 500 | Only at 0.01 ETH, increasing to 0.03 ETH | Super bullish on OpenSea, sold 1/2 of collection | Get 2 NFTs for 0.01 (minting offer) |​​ Now minting: Shiny Bulbasaur, Mega Blastoise, Mega Gyarados | Buy now, links in comments! submitted by amanbhatia97 to NFTExchange [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 06:25 AffectionateBlood350 #plantroom #plantsetup

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2021.10.17 06:25 Suitable-End2592 🎂 #SquidCake | 8% CAKE Rewards! | 🎯Launched 10 mins ago | 1000x Moonshot!! 🚀

Welcome to #SquidCake, Get in early!!
Amazing CAKE rewards to fill your bags while you hold!!!
Anti-Whale and Anti-Dump to keep your bag safe and those CAKE rewards flowing in!!!
The DEV and team are 100% SAFU and are in it to win it with you!!!
Upcoming marketing moves;

💥- 8% $CAKE Rewards
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📌Token Info:
🔸Total Supply: 1 billion
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💥Set slippage to 12%
🔹Get in early!! Liquidity locked! Contract verified! Get in now before you're kicking yourself later. You can chill with bros, meet new people, and make fat gains on your initials!!
🔸The tokenomics work in perfect collaboration to keep a solid floor, give great rewards, and keep the token growing! Soon, CakeStack will be a known name in the community. Let's hype up this huge stack on pancakes and lets ride!
Contract: 0x1a9c4bd97580d78a157ea52383a12a604c6e069d
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
🔹We should really be able to pump this up and do a great job! Imagine getting CAKE to stake or whatever, just for chilling and holding!!
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2021.10.17 06:25 egg1e Naur chile... 👁👄👁

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2021.10.17 06:25 jason-barter Tomos a3 bullet issues

So I just bought my first moped and it doesn’t run. It doesn’t have spark so I checked the stator and the points and the stator is broken one of the wires snapped off. Is there a cheap way to either fix it or replace it. Also it has a big bore kit on it and I’m struggling to find any indicators as to what the bore size is. Also what all do you need to do to one of these to run rc car fuel other than carb and jets.
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2021.10.17 06:25 AntifaIsGoodAndCool IATSE crew members reach a deal with major studios, averting a strike : NPR

IATSE crew members reach a deal with major studios, averting a strike : NPR submitted by AntifaIsGoodAndCool to antiwork [link] [comments]