My friend painted Nezuko from Demon Slayer on a thrift store jacket and it looks awesome.

2021.09.28 02:26 Cruzer10001 My friend painted Nezuko from Demon Slayer on a thrift store jacket and it looks awesome.

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2021.09.28 02:26 Main-Brother-3648 Override default value in a map

Is there any way to override the default value that is set as locals in the module and in the invocation part?
In module default value looks like this:

locals { default = { "defaul_instance" = { instance_id = "test_1" instance_type = "t2.medium" ami = "ami-1234567" instance_config = { ebs = { "xvdb" = 20 } } } variable "instance" { type = map(string) } 
and in invocation part would like to override any value depending on the case, for example:
locals { default = { "instance" = { instance_type = "m5.xlarge" instance_config = { ebs = { "xvdb" = 100 } } } 
Or is there any better way to handle this
Thank you
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2021.09.28 02:26 Racer1333 wrong channel mapping in beta flight

Hey guys! A while back, I bought an Emax tiny hawk 2 whooper drone, and Emax accidentally put the wrong AIO board onto the drone, which caused the board to fry itself. As compensation, Emax sent me a new drone, but after binding the radio that came with the RTF kit, the drone wouldn't arm, or make any notions that I was putting inputs into the drone. I then plugged it in to beta flight, and did a CLI status check. It showed that my radio had my arming switch all the way on armed, and that the throttle was on. Long story short, after 2 hours of fiddling around in beta flight, I realized that most of my inputs where producing the wrong outputs. How can I change around the channel mapping, without using a hobby radio, such as frSky?
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2021.09.28 02:26 TryAccomplished2041 Im confused

why does my pc have constant low fps when playing games like boneworks and b&s (ON LOW SETTINGS!) over airlink (it isn't the connection, it is my pc itself). I have well over the minimum required specs, sometimeS even better than the recommended (I have a RX 5700 8gb, 16gb ram, and a ryzen 5 2600 six core @ 3.85ghz). Is it my cpu that is the bottleneck? Any help world be appreciated
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2021.09.28 02:26 Huhhhh- POMS down.

Hi hope you can help...Poms has been down for a long time now. And now Windows 7 needs a username and password. I'm not sure what's wrong with it tech support looked at it, and I'm not sure what's the status. Does anybody know what the password and the username is for the Palms computer lab thank you
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2021.09.28 02:26 schuey_08 [US-WI] [H] CiB Diablo III: Eternal Collection (Switch) [W] PayPal

Have a CiB copy of Diablo III: Eternal Collection for Nintendo Switch. Asking $50 shipped in ConUS.
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2021.09.28 02:26 FlashesOfDarkonda Ricky Starks: If I had a million dollars I’d buy as much pumpkin spice items as I could And throw all that shit in the trash

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2021.09.28 02:26 T0asterM4n I love space

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2021.09.28 02:26 blink-er Sickening Comments

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2021.09.28 02:26 srifenburg Today was a beautiful day to ride in West, TN!

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2021.09.28 02:26 SC_Hennessy My personal tier list opinion

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2021.09.28 02:26 KateCereal My Mom 74/f, “Widow Maker Heart Attack Survivor”, diagnosed with Shingles

Thank you to anyone who reads this.
My mom was just diagnosed with shingles tonight. She is 74 with a history of severe heart disease, heart attack, but healthy outside of cardiac issues.
I am her primary caregiver when she is ill. She’s quite active and independent, but I take on the responsibility of caring for her when she falls ill. Unfortunately, I have severe health anxiety and anxiety. So I’m a nervous wreck about this diagnosis and her age.
She found two little dots and has pain sensitivity along a lateral line without rash yet. No fever or nausea.
She was given 3 pills of steroids at Urgent Care and prescribed Valtrex.
She’s doing quite well right now but I’m very afraid what will happen in the next upcoming days or weeks. As I understand it, shingles is typically more dangerous in older adults
Will the Valtrex stop the progression of shingles since it was started earlier? Any older adults have any experience with shingles?
Im really hoping that she doesn’t get worse since she has the medications. I also want to know what to expect so I can provide good care. Thank you!
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2021.09.28 02:26 plasmas4ge TIFU by doing the one chip challenge

so basically, i got really obsessed with doing the paqui chip challenge and instantly regretted it. i’ve never been good with spicy foods, and even some medium salsas border on too spicy for me. i hadn’t had something that spicy before, so i had no way of conceptualizing how spicy it would really be. but it’s spicy. it doesn’t taste spicy at first, but it will build into a crescendo of hellfire.
i had a glass of milk set up to combat it, but quickly begged a family member to bring me the gallon jug, which i proceeded to chug most of. whenever i had no milk in my mouth, there was blinding pain building up in my mouth, radiating from my tongue. i already am sensitive to sudden noises, but every time my family so much as moved i wanted to cuss them out because of how overwhelming it was. i did end up telling my dad to shut up several times because he kept talking while i was suffering. notably, though, i didn’t cry at all which is funny because i’m normally a huge crybaby. the worst part after the pain was the nausea from chugging so much milk. my stomach felt, and still feels like a balloon lol
i have ibs so wish me luck in the coming hours, maybe i’ll update this with what happens later? tl;dr DON’T DO THIS.
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2021.09.28 02:26 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 02:26 RevolutionaryRain661 30 [M4F] military man seeking FWB

I am 7.5 in long, thick (but no measurements). I am unable to host due to the house rules that I stay at. I am located in the Tacoma area but I am willing to drive. I am seeking a regular meetup and just someone to play with.
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2021.09.28 02:26 xba4qklsd Fresh Prison 💦💦💦

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2021.09.28 02:26 Office-Scary They are running out of places to hide inflation. Prove me wrong.

If we start back in the 70's when the gold standard ended,( yes the defacement started before this), we can see that as the fiat was slowly printed, the cost has slowly gone up on everything. But look at all the advances we have made allowing the cheapening of goods to allow our lives to slowly get better even under a constant currency debasement. Cheaper materials, constantly improving efficiency, the discovery of new products that could cheaply replace older materials. Every step of the way, for 50 years, companies have found ways to make products cheaper, at the cost some times of quality. Well, where can we cheapen things now? America hardly makes shit. And when we do, the cost is often much higher, and in some cases, not competitive with chinese made products. We have thinned out our fuel with Ethanol to bring costs down. Plastics instead of metal. Thinner and thinner gauges of metal if it is used. We use plastic in clothes instead of cotton because it is cheaper. Foods are almost all full of GMO produce, which helps us grow more. We keep wiping out more and more land for growing as well. Will costs really come down from alternative green energy? 😂 the costs just to build will force costs up. We are hitting a point where we are running out of ways to grow. To push the envelope. The clock is winding down. Workforces don't even work as hard anymore. My factory puts out 60% of what it did a decade ago. Its efficiency has tanked. This is common because of labor shortages. Companies aren't firing. No amount of printing can get us out of what is coming. These advances helped us make it this far. What keeps us going? Inflation is going to start forcing us to sacrifice. Hopefully, this will wake the world up to sound money. 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍
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2021.09.28 02:26 reddit_feed_bot DLoesch: RT @seanhannity: BIDEN'S BORDER CRISIS: Migrants are pouring across our southern border, but the Biden administration isn't doing anything to fix the crisis! Fmr. @SecretaryPerry and @DLoesch will weigh in TONIGHT on "Hannity." Tune in at 9 PM ET or set your DVR to never miss an episode!

DLoesch: RT @seanhannity: BIDEN'S BORDER CRISIS: Migrants are pouring across our southern border, but the Biden administration isn't doing anything to fix the crisis! Fmr. @SecretaryPerry and @DLoesch will weigh in TONIGHT on submitted by reddit_feed_bot to TheTwitterFeed [link] [comments]

2021.09.28 02:26 thepopeofkeke Ayanami

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2021.09.28 02:26 Tar0ndor 1800s lodge, Sussex, NJ [OC]

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2021.09.28 02:26 Lvarnen "You're ok with all the Dust?" And other questions I had no idea how to answer.

Hey all, So I ran Dinner with Strahd, and kinda feel like I bungled it. In addition to mic problems that week(we've been playing online due to the pandemic) The players were able to peg Ireena being a reincarnation from him referring to her as Tatyana, and there were a couple of questions I didn't know how to answer. I'm wondering if I have a complete misunderstanding of the character.
"Why the fuck do you keep us around? We're really not that entertaining. Every time we try to be heroes we mess shit up and half of Vallaki burned down because of us."
I gave an answer along the lines of them being far more entertaining then the soulless Barovians, but this one really took me off guard. The players love the campaign but looking at it from a story perspective, they've just had one failure after the next, and I only had Strahd invite them due to them getting Ireena out of the Feast of Saint Andral's. (Wasn't RAW but the fighter looked Strahd in the eye while he pushed a vampire spawn aside to save her, so I invited them for that show of bravery) Did I invite them to the Dinner too early?
"Why don't you let them have the sun? Your people can barely grow crops"-Something something teaching them a lesson cause of the Mordenkainen rebellion. (Barovia has no sun but surely it can sustain life or else it wouldn't have lasted 400 years.)
This one threw me for a loop because everything else I've read shows that Strahd thinks of himself at least as responsible to rule Barovia. He has a sick and twisted sense of how to rule it properly, but the man still thinks of himself as a ruler. That's the whole point of the scene where he sends some Strahd zombies to slaughter bandits in "I, Strahd."
"You say Tatyana's soul belongs to you? I was wondering how that came to be." I just had him say such matters are best kept close to the heart and that while he appreciated their appearance at dinner tonight they didn't know him for that long. How was I supposed to have answered
"You're ok with all the dust?" My players asked this as Strahd was leading then to the door at the end of the dinner. I reread some location descriptions since it had been 2 weeks and the fighter, seeing the chipped paint and cobwebs in the room with gargoyles asked Strahd why he was ok with all the dust. Of all the questions they could ask, this one threw me for the biggest loop. I basically had him say he was very busy, but like, what was I supposed to say here?
My players enjoyed Dinner with Strahd, but I can't help but feel like I bungled it. I wish I could redo the entire thing, but what's done is done.
To that end, I was hoping to ask, do I have a misunderstanding of Strahd's character? I don't know if I'm playing this wrong. I've read "I, Strahd" and other guides, always tried to have him answer in more questions, made him look down upon the Barovians, but I still feel like I messed up.
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2021.09.28 02:26 Mynam3wastAkn I can’t believe I wasted $20 and ruined my cigar experience by smoking a cigarette the day after.

I bought a pack of cigarettes, and this was my first time ever. The day before, I had bought a Classico Toro cigar, hand-made in Nicaragua. Today, I bought a cigarette who’s name is famous among cigarette and cigar smokers, a Marlboro.
First of all, I live in Canada, so fucking hell the damn mortifying packaging they force people to put it in. It is so bullshit mortifying, it shouldn’t be legal! (The package, not the cigarette). I knew that going in, but they make it more gore on purpose because it’s so obvious that it is edited to make it look more gruesome than it already fucking is. I was gonna buy a cigarette case and put all the cigarettes in it, but then I would have to order through Amazon, and that would take at least two days to get here. I’m so glad I didn’t get it.
I opened it up, lit it, put it in my mouth, and I finished it in less than 10 mins. I didn’t even rush through it or anything. I only smoked that one. I have no idea how people stand them. My expectations dropped way down to hell. I am never smoking a cigarette ever again. I took out ever single cigar from the package, and I ripped them all apart into the trash, and threw away the package. I bought a lighter just for that pack, but I couldn’t bring myself to keep it, so I threw it by the ports potty by the construction site. A construction worker will see it and hopefully destroy it.
I ate the Doritos while rubbing it through my mouth and on my clothes, and I bought and chugged a whole Gatorade bottle. I felt so relaxed after that.
You know how my first cigar experience went the night before? I sat on a bench, cut it with my cigar cutter, lit it at the foot all around the edges, blew into it, and took a big puff out of it. I enjoyed that drag so much, I sat there thinking about it. It was so satisfying, I sat the next 40 mins doing the exact same thing while taking some insta pictures documenting my first cigar experience, and only got around to half of it. That cigar was so good. I was gonna go back to get more, but I was motivated by a picture on cigars where a guy was showing off his whisky, Marlboro, and cigar setup. Never again. I won’t be smoking either for a while, but when I come back, I am never touching a cigarette ever again.
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2021.09.28 02:26 DroneEpicOne Houston Texas Police Chase Stolen Jeep Compass In Galleria Area - Septem...

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2021.09.28 02:26 Sir-BathtubIII Me at homecoming I know I look ugly but honestly it sucked what do you think?

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2021.09.28 02:26 igotta_poopsobad Redditor is done

I…… need a break from the internet. I don’t like reading this stuff. It’s not Good for anyone.
I’ve seen the most depraved shit from luka magnotta to mr hands. Mass shootings, cannibalism, hardcore gore. This isn’t even the worst but it hit me different.
I think I’ll still lurk on some entertainment forums because I’m a fan of wrestling. But beyond that I think I’ll just focus on my career, my relationship, and every now and then return to see what games are trending. But I don’t want to think about these things anymore I’m done after seeing this post.
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