Feels like everyone got their glow up except for me

2021.09.28 02:25 peepeepoopooThagreat Feels like everyone got their glow up except for me

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2021.09.28 02:25 mmorovitz Travel Question

Has anyone ever done multi week road trips with a hedgie? We are staying in hedgehog friendly hotels as we go cross country. Hedgie has her own safety car seat (ie a backpack with mesh sides for a cat that will have a warming pad and hiding spots that can seatbelt into the car), and a portable cage for night time. The backpack also can be used so that she can come with us and never stay alone in the car between hotels. We have done some practice trips and hikes and she seems ok but I am terrified something will happen stress related on week 2 and now we are far from home. I have a backup babysitter but would prefer to take her with us. Has anyone done long car trips with hedgie? How did it go? Would you do it again? And any lessons learned?
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2021.09.28 02:25 ajp442 Physique/week 11/Male

Had a pretty alright week with a poor weekend for someone competing in a fitness challenge.
During the week I cobbled together an old tire that I can use as a sled-pull. I can put my kettlebells in the lip of the tire for added weight. I had a lot of fun with that and got some good exercise out of it.
Spent the weekend traveling, eating poorly, drinking, and staying up super late. Now I have to work hard to get back on track.
Good luck to everyone on this next week.
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2021.09.28 02:25 Optimal-Shelter-3827 strutting

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2021.09.28 02:25 sosouthernsoundkits 256minaj - Duality (Official Kit)

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2021.09.28 02:25 GenesisRae My Boy Mufasa sleeps like this every time no matter where he is & it’s the funniest thing because he looks like he’s doing high kicks in his sleep lol

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2021.09.28 02:25 PurpleSpaceSurfer Tribeca Premiere ‘Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road’ Acquired By Screen Media For November Release; Oscar Campaign Planned

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2021.09.28 02:25 hobbes305 Federal judges: NYC can impose Covid-19 vaccine mandate on teachers

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2021.09.28 02:25 Alfie51 What is wrong with kids these days?

They go up to your dog and try to pet him without asking. Then when your poor boy runs away in fright, the kid follows the dog, attempting to pet him more.
Even worse is when the kid catcalls at your dog (not really sure how to describe it, sort of like imitating barking). Your dog barks back in shock, and the kid yells at the poor dog for barking at him.
There are kids who try to feed your dog trashy, unhealthy treats without your permission. Kids who get into your dogs face. Kids who run at them screaming, "Puppy!"
What is wrong with kids these days?
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2021.09.28 02:25 Middle_Cable_765 Everbased 🔥| Just Launched | 15k MC | 🚀 💹| The Future of Rebase Tokens 💹 | Marketing Started Today | Dev Based

✔️EverBased token just launched today and the team behind it is really experienced. Right now there is a lot of hype going on around with the rebase tokens and this project is about to catch that wave.
✔️Contract Address : 0x72787a7165dfaa39e53e52067f69a25a615e2ff8
✔️We didn't just fork the contract, we have created our very own unique fully working rebase token ! And we the tokenomics are as following : Tokenomics:
✔️2% Buyback
✔️3% Marketing With the teams extensive experience in the space, we can rely on them to perfectly align the rebasing at the right times, as well as well timed buybacks ! Taking advantage of the teams connections you can be confident that you will only see the top of the line marketing strategies!
✔️ Unique Contract
✔️ Great Marketing Team
✔️ DAILY MARKETING (Coinsniper Banners, WatcherGuru Banners, CMS #1 HOT PAGE) The EverBased team is committed to building an innovative project, and we are aware that any good project is nothing without a great community.
We are all in and fully committed to this token, ladies and gentleman. And to our community.
Actions speak louder than words, so you’ll only know if you dive in and hop on this rocket ship with us, which we know you will not regret. We really want you guys to sleep at night, truly. So are you coming to dive in the deep with EverBased? As Guru Maharishi Degen once said: "Nothing bonds you together more than a joint deep dive."
✔️Contract: 0x72787a7165dfaa39e53e52067f69a25a615e2ff8
✔️Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x72787a7165dfaa39e53e52067f69a25a615e2ff8
✔️Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x72787a7165dfaa39e53e52067f69a25a615e2ff8#readContract
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2021.09.28 02:25 TigerKlaw Had my first and only commission last year, now I don't think he got his money's worth

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2021.09.28 02:25 AllHailLordWestbrook (English > Japanese) "Under the Snow"

I'm looking for the Japanese translation to the phrase "Under the snow." If possible, I'd also like a translation for "Beneath the Snow"
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2021.09.28 02:25 Johnny-Rocket28 Kate Upton

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2021.09.28 02:25 gotchubro Everyone else vs me on Day 1

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2021.09.28 02:25 DungeonPeaches I found a thrift store Pierogi Maker, and tried the recipe included. Pretty much any recipe would work with this thing, but wanted to share its use.

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2021.09.28 02:25 blixle Mario Movie Cast Is So Cool

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2021.09.28 02:25 chickynuggielover W/f/l

Me: glimmering halo
Them: corrupt and og Val halo
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2021.09.28 02:25 Vixkky who would you choose and why? (comment below)

Your standing in between 2 train tracks, you have to pull one lever to stop the train from leaving before it leaves and never comes back. on the left train your entire family is aboard, on the right train every friend you’ve ever known and future friends are aboard. Which train are you stopping?
View Poll
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2021.09.28 02:25 SonOfHankin H510 case power switch

The power switch for the case only works to turn off the pc. The pc turns on fine, but only when I turn the power supply off and back on.
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2021.09.28 02:25 BarracudaNo5848 Help searching for a "western" figure kit.

Hello everyone!
I was wondering if this figure is available anywhere as a GK. I only know where to buy anime/games GKs and this is a western figure. Plus I've found that because of the few pieces produced originally, both the price and availability are prohibitive.
Any information on where to look for it or if it is anywhere available as a gk would be welcome!

Thanks for reading!
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2021.09.28 02:25 fraa6799 Car screeching sound?

Hi there so I have a 2001 Nissan bluebird sylphy and when I start and drive it it has a very annoying screeching loud sound and I’m pretty sure it’s the belt what product or belt do you recommend I get please? I’m from New Zealand btw
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2021.09.28 02:25 verdxnturf My opinion on the state of the game and some well-deserved features/content

As excited and relieved I am that we finally got "The Roost" after a year and a half of the game being out, I feel like there are so many more quality of life and items as a whole that we need to be more vocal about.
As an avid player and a very passionate player, my love for animal crossing dates all the way back to "Population: Growing!" on the Gamecube and has been carried through all for all of the main series games as well as spin-offs like: "Pocket Camp", "Amiibo Festival", and "Happy Home Designer". I feel like we're given these small updates and are just thankful that they give us anything at all. However, while following other games like the currently popular "Monster Hunter" franchise, we can see what it's like to have their followers ask for specific content and them be heard.
We're in desperate need of quality of life updates! I've read in various comments great ideas ranging from all items being stackable to 99, the ability to craft multiple items at once, more design slots, the ability to purchase more items in "Ables", the ability to expand your island, the ability to move town hall, and bulk buying. These would all be really amazing QoL additions! In addition, the ability to place rugs outside like in "Happy Home Designer" would be amazing and would add the ability to create more immersive designs instead of relying on tile-able floor designs. We should also be able to store the physical flower plants in your storage instead of solely the picked flowers.
Additionally, there's so much content that we're missing that feel like basic asks! I personally wish that New Horizons got at LEAST all of the same items we had in New Leaf (and all previous games) re-vamped and ported over between games. We're missing most of the furniture sets that were iconic in all of the previous games such as but not limited to "Rococo", "Modern Wood", "Cabana", "Gracie", "Sweet", "Regal", and "Sloppy" just to name a few. As these were in previous games as well, it's unfortunate that these haven't been brought back especially after being updated in New Leaf to have (some) sets and items be customized via Cyrus. Having limited sets gives us very limited furniture to work with and leaves us utilizing the same base items (chairs, beds, tables) over and over in the game and desperately trying to use customization kids to make them feel different and new. As far as features and new items as well, in "Happy Home Designer" there was an entirely new category of furniture: ceiling. These featured ceiling items such as garland, ceiling fans, chandeliers, and other light fixtures just to name a few that would be more than welcomed in the "New Horizons" that have been glanced over. We're also missing the widely enjoyed and crucial gyroids! As many of you know, we used to be able to dig up gyroids in different styles and sizes who would make different noises and notes when placed.
Also added in "HHD", you were able to choose from different doors inside your home as well as choose different curtains for the windows and different types of windows themselves (including color and style). This isn't even mentioning all of the amazing themed and un-themed customizations brought in "NL" and "HHD" to the exterior of your house. Where the ability to move your mailbox and change the outside to different styles, there were so many more you could choose from in the former games that should be included as well. You also used to be able to be able to change the style of your upgraded house (into a castle, modern, as well as zen) and the ability to add a fence-like wall around your house that goes beyond fences in "NH" because they could be themed like a wavy mermaid wall, or colorful sweet blocks). There's also a gross lack of attention to something that seems so small: fruit. It would be great to see every type of fruit returned (ie. banana, lychee, durians, lemons, mangos, persimmons), stacked fruit to being able to be placed in baskets, and perfect fruit randomly appearing and selling for more. Going back even further, there are more features that could be added just for fun, like the large flower "Raflessia" that was featured in older games if your town had too many weeds and generated a low town rating, the random ball (like a volley ball, soccer ball, or basketball) that would appear that you could kick around and lose in a river.
As far as villagers, I feel like they've been severely cut back in the interactive department. There were amazing interactive things that you could constantly do with your villager including: being invited over to their house and vice versa, playing games like hide-n-go-seek, doing more consistent favors for them, and having them "need" you more often in each session just to name a few. I feel like each character's dialogue has a cut and dry feeling depending on what their personality type they are (cranky, lazy, smug, jock, uchi, snooty, peppy, normal). For example, I used to have Rosie and Ruby who were both preppy villagers, and while their personalities definitely show through their dialogue, they both constantly only talk about wanting to be pop-stars. I just wish they had more individual personalities like how in "Pocket Camp" some loading screens will feature different villagers and provide a small paragraph describing their ambitions and personalities in greater detail. It would be great if these were featured in "New Horizons" as well.
Where I see many NPCs were deemed unnecessary as well due to new features (such as Dr.Shrunk and Club LOL giving us reactions, Shampoodle customizing our hair and eyes, Pelly & Pete & Phyllis who ran the post office section and delivered mail, Reese and Cyrus adding an yard-sale feature and customizing furniture, Resetti yelling at you when you didn't save and his house occasionally appearing in the Public Works Project item: manhole-cover) I feel like these NPCs can still be brought back with new roles. We can see this happening to old NPCs like Kicks who was first spotted in "City Folk" shining shoes and now sells shoes, backpacks, socks, and more in our town square. They also brought back Leif who instead of having their own section in Nook's, has their own cart that appears in the square as well. While these are all great adds, I still feel like there's so much possibility for content with them and old NPCs. For example, Kicks AND Leif could eventually be able to create their own stores, or add them to "Ables" and "Nook's" where they have a permanent section. Celeste having a permanent spot in the museum (possible on the other side of where "The Roost" is going) where she gets her observatory back and the ability to create custom constellations. Additionally, they should service old NPC's by giving them appearances and their own roles such as Katrina, Booker and Copper, Lottie & Lyle, Kapp'n and his family, Tortimer (if he's still alive), Wendell, and Gracie just to name a few.
Similarly to the need for TLC in the NPCs alone, the buildings themselves need some serious updates. To start, the town hall used to be able customizable after certain criteria were met and I believe this should be brought back and updated with new options and more specific customizability such as choosing the door, windows, roof, etc just like our houses. I think this could also be a feature of the Airport to add customizations and new styles or colors. Seeing "Nook's" stuck at the "Nook's Cranny" stage is also very discouraging knowing that in previous games it could be upgraded to "T&T Mart", "Super T&T", "T&T Emporium", and "Nookingtons" just to name a few. These were great upgrades that made the game feel like you could progress past just designing your town and making friends in it. "The Able Sisters" should also get their first upgrade in AC history. It would be amazing to see Labelle reunited with her sisters and see her progress as a character since they already began the framework of her new ark and maybe include Gracie or give more of a backstory of their growing apart. There are also various buildings I think should be brought back or integrated in some way such as the Police Station (lost and found that is now replaced by the box in town hall), and Katrina's tent where you could get your fortune told. Where I do miss Brewsters having its own building like it does in "New Leaf", I can appreciate the homage to "The Roost" in "Wild World" that was iconically in the Museum and was where you could see K.K. Slider.
Animal Crossing New Horizons is a game that has so many more capabilities with being a HUGE and important seller and has peaked so interest in so many new players and returning players. With the game franchise being featured on a new and more powerful console than the franchise has ever seen before, it allows them to create more advanced features and add a huge quantity of unique experiences and data as a whole that was never possible on previous devices due to hardware limitations. We need to ask for more complex features as a community and really have our voices be heard on the topic.
I'm also aware that a lot of people are new and aren't aware of what was previously featured so they weren't able to compare and that other players are truly content with the content they've released over the last year and a half. I'm really happy for any new players and players that just love the game as I do as well! Animal Crossing has always been my top favorite game and I'm just very passionate and loving of it. I just know there's so much more this game can offer us and such an important and widely loved game like this deserves to be consistently updated and supported beyond a few new holiday-themed items here and there. We can ask for so much more, and we need to ask for so much more. There's no reason this game shouldn't be constantly updated as you see this happening in ACs biggest cash-grab "Pocket Camp" that has constant updates, new items, and new wildlife, there's no reason such a popular game like this should get the short end of the stick, especially with all of the sales it made during the pandemic alone. I look forward to the new direct and I really hope to see some of these features and content added and hopefully some new ones we've never seen before!
I know I didn't hit everything in the old games like different events including my personal favorite: "Flea Market" which was a weekend event where you can go around to your villager's homes and attempt to buy some of their furniture and they would be able to come to your house and buy some of your furniture as well, town ordinances that allowed you to choose town improvements like "Early Bird" ordinance that allows villagers to wake up earlier and stores to open earlier, and the ability to play minigames via different game-console items, so let me know what else you guys miss from them and would love to see come back! (:
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2021.09.28 02:25 Waga_na_wa_Hu_Tao Where Lisa sex😭

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2021.09.28 02:25 millionthan Dudes be rocking

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2021.09.28 02:25 _Jiraw You can create real movie items from 1 litre of bodily fluids from the actor that used the item.

you want Loki's mask from 'The Mask' you just need to get 1 litre of Jim Carrey's blood or saliva.
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